Protect your Lifestyle

We will show you how your mortgage debt can be repaid if you die or are diagnosed as suffering from a critical illness whilst the debt is still due.

Whilst your employer may pay your salary for a limited time if you are incapacitated and cannot work due to sickness or an accident, what if you couldn’t work longer term?

Would you want to rely on limited State benefits? If you or your partner lost your income today, could you still manage your financial commitments?

Mortgage and debt arrears will seriously damage your credit rating which will affect your ability to obtain mortgages and other loans in the future. Your family home could be repossessed!

Don’t let that happen – protect your income with simple Income Protection cover.

Having made certain that your family would be safe in their home should the unthinkable happen, would you want to make sure that if they lost you or your partner, they could continue with their life comforts?

Hobbies and pastimes? Holidays? College or University tuition fees?

Things we take for granted these days like up to date gadgets like phones, iPads and so on?

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